Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Apologies for my absence. Review: Saya no Uta

I got some 'splanin to do.

First, Sunday, I just ran out of time, work etc. Monday, well, I love in Christchurch, New Zealand, a lovely place. Except for when there are earthquakes. And on Monday we had an okayish 5.7, and then a 6.3 which rather effectively shut down my life for the rest of the day. As such, because my part-time work to pay for my studies is working in a pizza place, I was called into to work extra last few days straight, because of a rather insane rush that tends to follow earthquakes.

I have somehow found the time to make decent headway into Just Cause 2, which shall hopefully have a review incoming tomorrow

One commenter of mine (Alice) mentioned if I had played the Visual Novels Saya no Uta and Narcissu. And I have indeed! Allow me to tackle Saya no Uta first.

While watching Ma Bonjwa stream, damn he's still so clutch...

Saya no Uta is a visual novel developed by Nitro+, makes of some of the most dastardly and twisted horror/gore/Lovecraftian Visual Novels out there, and Saya no Uta certainly does not deviate from this method. Saya no Uta looks through the eyes of Fuminori Sakisaka, a medical student who found himself on deaths door step after a car accident that killed his entire family. A medical miracle was performed allowing him to keep living, but in a world like the one pictured, full of gore, blood and organs. People are reduced to Lovecraftian horrors in his vision, except for one. A girl named Saya appear to him, desperate in his nigh insanity he clings to her as he now sees her as his sole shinning hope for happiness in the world.

I went into this game completely dark, I knew absolutely nothing other than my best friend tell me that it was really good and telling me to not ask questions. And other than that very brief blurb, I do not want to tell much more about the story, for I think a complete absence of information makes this game oh so much more intense. What I will say is every character has a purpose, everything was clearly well thought out and developed, the story unfold, although in a shocking and bewildering manner, it has no holes and is solid and truly well written.

This game is extremely linear, even for a visual novel, there are three endings, decided by two decision points. But Saya no Uta's strength as a game comes from how it utilizes its endings. Each ending feels canonical, but at the same time, no ending solely explains the story comprehensively. It is therefore much needed to gain all 3 ending to get a true perspective and understanding in this rather unique and well told story.

A final note, this game is extremely dark and gruesome, with fully featured sex scenes, mutilations and disturbing and terrifying content. I was thoroughly terrified of playing the story through out my first play through, but the story and "wanting to know" drew me back in.

Verdict: Highly recommended if you think you can stomach it. This may be an elusive title to find, but it is totally worth it considering the brilliance of this game,


  1. Wow, that sounds so delightfully dark. So frightfully joyful. You should play Amnesia. If you play it, you gotta have the mindset to get absorbed into it or else it's just going to be boring, but once you get into the feel of the atmosphere for it, it's terrifyingly dark.

  2. I will definitely stomach this. Thanks for the excellent review!

  3. This game looks really good, I'll have to check it out.

  4. One of my favorite visual novels, and while it is quite short, it's still amazing, one of the ones I recomend to most of my friends.

  5. wow might have to check it out. Love visual novels.

  6. I've heard much about this game. I think I'm going to seek it out.

  7. Hmm, if this is available for the PC I will get it.

  8. I've been meaning to get into viz movs and this one looks like it suits my tastes perfectly.

  9. Well, finished it a couple days ago, and then reloaded to get all the endings. I must say, I love this game! Such a thrilling and creepy story, and wonderful soundtrack! Thank you for reminding me of it in your blog!