Saturday, 25 June 2011

OMG A NEW BLOG POST. Just Cause 2!

I could begin to sum up why this took so long, but to make it even shorter = life. This past week has been insanely weird and busy, absolutely no free time.

Review: Just Cause 2

This game is stupid fun. Simply put, you are a CIA agent looking to undermine the Panuan government by creating chaos and unraveling the mystery of why the US backed dictator decided to turn upon the government. But who cares about this weak as story, it's all about the gameplay.

This game is Grand Theft Auto, with a hook-shot and parachute, creating a formula of incredible awesome. Combined with an absolutely massive map and hundreds of towns, villages and military bases to sabotage and undermine and you have hours upon hours of fun on your hands.

What impresses me the most with this game is the sheer ridiculous scope of it all. There almost seems to be no end to the detail and environment. With new vehicles that pop up all the time, the means upon which you can traverse your environment only seems to expand with time. As I continued to play, I began to expect all my pillaging would eventually get tiresome, I don't know why but it never ever did.

This game is simple stupid fun, there isn't any depth to be found here. The graphics are nice, soundtrack great, AI clever and entertaining, controls intuitive and fun, story and dialogue is hilariously bad.

Verdict: BUY BUY BUY.If you want something fun and simple to dick around in, you really can not look much further than Just Cause 2.


  1. Yeah, this game is great for just messing around, blowing stuff up and such. Great fun!

  2. I surely will buy this epic game !

  3. awesome, recently i only want to destroy something

  4. i liked the game but the map seemed like a fricking copy paste job

  5. Sounds good, I just hope it's not as repetitive as its predecessor. Followed!

  6. I havent played this game but im really considering it. nice review!